Course Code



0120_002_Overview DA


2 days (16 hours)

Course Level(s)




Target Participants



Individuals who wish to understand the fundamentals and application of the data and analytics eco-system




       Business uses who come into contact with, manage or is the beneficiary of analytics projects

       Participants have little or no knowledge in and the fundamentals of data analytics


Course Format

       Interactive lecture and discussion

       Training days will be scheduled to meet work demands


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Course Overview

Data analytics is has now become the norm in the business context. Individuals will need to know the fundamentals of analytics so that they are able to remain relevant in their current roles. This course will enable the participants to understand the concepts and applications of data and analytics to derive insights and trends from data.

Participants will learn about the data eco-system, end-to-end data analytics process, the main roles in data teams and skill sets required for each role. Topics covered includes Big Data, the data lifecycle and best practices in setting up an analytics project.

Course Outline




Learning Outcomes

Estimated Duration

Overview of the data eco-system

1.     What is data?

2.     Sources of data

3.     Use of data

4.     Data lifecycle and data management

5.     Big Data

6.     Importance of data governance

7.     Roles of the data eco-system


1.     Explain the types, structures, formats of data

2.     Gain an understanding of the difference sources of data in terms of user generated data and machine generated data

3.     Understand the application of data in everyday life and business context

4.     Understand the management of data from capture, storage and to use

5.     Understand the concept of Big Data and the differences between data and Big Data

6.     Explain data governance to capture right data and data storage

7.     Understand the data team structure and the difference roles, skillsets in data eco-system


1 day / 8 hours

Fundamentals of data analytics

1.     Overview of data analytics

2.     Understanding data engineering

3.     Understanding data visualization

4.     Understanding data science

5.     Setting-up the analytics project


1.     Understand the process of data analytics and introduction to data analytics methodology

2.     Explain the data capture and data storage methods, techniques and tools

3.     Understand the principles for data visualization, dashboard design and basic storytelling

4.     Explain the data science methods, techniques and tools

5.     Understand the application of CRISP-DM model and defining the business questions


1 day / 8 hours