How can NIS help your organization?

Let us show you how analytics can change the way you do business.


This solution identifes patterns and trends, and derive deeper insight from massive volumes of data, allowing for a deeper understanding of customers, products, and brands.

Tourism & Travel

Discover tourist experience and satisfaction via social media, consumer-generated content and purchase histories. Learn how to craft relevant customer journeys for your travellers by virtually walking in their footsteps.

Human Resources

Maximize analytics for HR by gaining deeper insights to employee motivations, demographics, behavior and product knowledge, and increase productivity and retention, while fostering better employee experiences.

Digital Marketing

Learn how online trends and topics can best benefit your business. Discover how your audience feels about your products and how best to steer your marketing campaigns towards conversion, improvement and increased sales.


Stay relevant to your market by simplifying insight-into-action. Discover trends in customer loyalty, behavior and experience and know the best times to push new campaigns to ensure loyalty and create conversion.


Knowing your patients better thru patterns in their information can enable your company to recommend the best treatments and services, and allow for faster identification and efficient analysis of healthcare information.

Media & Entertainment

Know your audience better by leveraging mobile and social media content.  Collect, analyze and utilize consumer insights to get a more in-depth sentiment analysis through patterns in real-time, media content usage.

Energy & Utility

Maximize underutilized and large volumes of untapped data to increase productivity by using Big Data to enhance supply
chain capabilities.

Data Management

Data is a company’s most valuable resource. Every second of every day, it pours into enterprises from multiple sources, from operational to transactional systems, scanners and sensors, loyalty points, surveys, inbound and outbound customer points, mobile media, and the web. Let us show you how proper management of your data can change the way you do business.

The future is data-driven and within reach.