HR Survey Analytics Use Case

Traditional annual employee engagement surveys are either being replaced or supplemented by periodic pulse surveys.


  • Once a year traditional employee engagement surveys are snapshots in time
  • Organizations want to respond better to changing situations and thus need to gather employee sentiment through fast and frequent periodic pulse surveys
  • To gather responses, HR needs to find more engaging ways of generating survey responses from employees to ensure maximum participation
  • At the same time, HR needs to analyze free-form text responses and sentiment in an quicker, unbiased way. This takes a lot of time and effort when done manually.
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We can help you gain quick insight into your employees’ views and sentiment over a given period of time from pulse surveys that are designed and set-up according to your organization’s needs

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A food company with thousands of branches nationwide was spending a lot on the tools and training being provided to their store associates.

To validate the results from a recent audit, they wanted to find out from the perspective of the store associates if these tools and training programs were effective. They also wanted to see if the use of these tools and the associates’ attendance in the programs had any correlation to their performance metrics at the store.

The company was expanding quickly and they wanted to make sure that they were investing in the right tools and programs for their associates that deliver their desired results.

Working closely with the company,  lloopp designed a brief survey and set-up a survey instrument to measure associates’ perception on the importance and familiarity with the different work tools, the recency of their attendance in the training programs, their recall of the concepts.

Data on store performance metrics was also collected.