Professional Certificate in Data Analytics with Excel

Course Overview

Data analytics is has now become the norm in the business context. Individuals will need to know the fundamentals of analytics so that they are able to remain relevant in their current roles. This course will enable the participants to understand the concepts and applications of data and analytics to derive insights and trends from data. Participants will learn about the data eco-system, end-to-end data analytics process, the main roles in data teams and skill
sets required for each role. Topics covered includes Big Data, the data life cycle and best practices in setting up an analytics project.This course will provide you with the instruction on the basics of each of the commands of SQL as well as allow you to put them to practice using the SQL Interpreter in creating, selecting, managing and analyzing data.
The practical course structure is designed using Excel to develop the participants’ data analytics capabilities and Excel skills in the areas of data analytics foundation, data visualization, dashboarding and statistical analysis.

  • Business users who come into contact with, manage or is the beneficiary of analytics projects.
  • Business users who currently use Excel as a reporting or analytics tool.
  • Participants have little or no knowledge in and the fundamentals of data analytics.
  • All participants will be evaluated through pre-training assessment on the basics of mathematics, statistics, logical and analytical thinking.

5 days (40 hours) – For customized courses we are able to work around your work schedule.

Certification Body

NCC Education

Course level

Beginner (0120_017_Professional Cert in DA with Excel)