Professional Certificate in Data Engineering

Course Overview

The Data Engineer plays a crucial role in the data and analytics eco-system. The roles and responsibilities of the Data Engineer includes getting the right data in the right format at the right time for the organization and analytics project.
This course was curated to support aspiring data engineers or those who would like to understand the role with knowledge and understanding of the importance of data engineering, the role it plays in the data eco-system, tools and processes applied.It provides the hands-on experience building data warehouse from scratch and using open source products.

  • Participants with certifications in the computer science, software engineering, mathematics or IT.
  • All participants will be evaluated through pre-training assessment on mathematics, logical and analytical thinking.

5 days (40 hours) – For customized courses we are able to work around your work schedule.

Certification Body

NCC Education

Course Level

Beginner (0120_018_ Professional Cert in DE)