Certificate in data Analytics

Course Overview

Data analytics is a fast-growing field, and more positions in this industry are opening up as many companies are realizing the need of implement data analytics into their operations. This course will enable you to understand data analytics and how it can help businesses derive insights and trends from data. You will learn the data eco-system, end-to-end data analytics process, the main roles in data team and skill sets required for each role.
In introduction to Python, you will master the basics to intermediate programming skills of this widely used open source language. What you learn in this course will give you a foundation in all the areas of data eco-system and will help you to better position yourself for success within an organization.
Participants are encouraged to bring their own data to work on from the Intermediate level onward. However, we will provide training data to work on if the participants are unable to bring their own data.


Participants have little or no knowledge in and the fundamentals of data analytics.


20 days (160 hours) – For customized courses we are able to work around your work schedule.

Certification Body

NCC Education

Course Level

Beginner (0120_009_Certified DA)