Applied Excel Training

Course Overview

The Excel Training Course caters for all level of Excel users. The three stages of the course aims to develop the participants’ Excel skill set by providing the participants with the theoretical grounding of the fundamentals of setting up an Excel environment for data analytics project, applying the essential Excel formulas to clean and prepare the data and building a dashboard to visualize the data. At the advanced level participants will learn about predictive analytics using Excel and create macros to make tasks less repetitive and, hence automating the reports.
The course structure is designed to develop the participants’ data analytics capabilities and Excel skills in the areas of data analytics foundation, data visualization, dashboarding and statistical analysis.
All participants will be provided with an online assessment prior to the training session to determine the appropriate learning level. Participants will be grouped by skill levels to ensure that they receive maximum benefit from the training.
Participants are encouraged to bring their own data to work on from the Intermediate level onwards. However, we will provide training data to work on if the participants if needed. We are able to customize the course content to specific requirements (e.g. function specific).


The course caters for all levels of Excel capabilities. Participants will be assessed before the training and regrouped into different level based on the assessment result.


12 days (96 hours) – For customized courses we are able to work around your work schedule.

Certification Type

Certificate of Attendance

Course Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced (0120_012_Applied Excel Training)