Last decade’s analytics is this decade’s
common sense.

Why do I need to learn about data analytics, AI and digital?

Changing Customer

To remain competitive and relevant in the digital era, businesses need to change their modus operandi as consumer attitudes & behaviours are evolving.

Increasing Volume &
Access to Data

The increasing volume and veracity of data means that businesses that do not adapt to the new way of working will cease to exist in the new future.

New Ways of

“The New Normal” has led to new
ways of working, managing workforce
and office culture.

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NIS has a series of courses to support your data and analytics learning journey

Our courses are curated to develop a learning journey that targets the needs of the individual
because we understand that we all don’t need to be a Data Scientist!

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Training Pedigree

What are the benefits of taking our courses?


We provide Data Analytics course content and materials to our partners including academic institutions and professional associations.


Our training courses are approved by HRDF and certified by NCC Education.


We are able to develop customized learning programs for our clients that are specific to their needs including customized data and digital employee development program at the enterprise level.

Qualified &

All our trainers are hand-picked, have deep industry experience, the relevant qualifications and are Train-the-Trainers Certified.

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Explore all our courses or contact us if you would like to customize a training program
for your organization.