lloopp is first runner-up
in accenture’s data challenge

lloopp’s Leo Karlo dela Cruz, Data Scientist and Industrial Engineer, and Michael Ruta, Full-Stack Developer and IT Programmer, are first runner-up in Accenture’s Data Challenge for the Best Predictive Model Category concluded this March at the Mind Museum, Bonifacio Global City.

Dela Cruz and Ruta’s entry featured an approach for improving the Filipino traveler experience, while reducing operating costs for
commercial carriers in the said data science competition.

Using publicly available data from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines on commercial flights, cargo freight trips, and passenger movement from 2001 to 2016, their entry forecasts an estimate of
Php 20 Billion in annual savings shared across commercial carriers, if the number of flights deployed better match the volume of passengers.

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karlo-6 lloopp is First Runner -up in Accenture's Data Challenge
karlo-3 lloopp is First Runner -up in Accenture's Data Challenge
karlo-7 lloopp is First Runner -up in Accenture's Data Challenge